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Among the most popular Greek islands, Mykonos, located in the middle of the Cyclades archipelago, is known worldwide for its charming beaches, its atmosphere and especially for the fun it offers. If you decide to go to Mykonos, once arrived on the island I recommend you to rent a scooter…it will be the most convenient way to visit it independently and, above all, go hunting for the best places for shots to star in your souvenir photos. As you land on the Greek island, you will notice that it will not be difficult to find perfect spots, as practically every corner of the island is "instagrammable".

Today, more than ever, during our travels, we love to post on social media such as Facebook and Instagram the images that best tell what our eyes see… planning our photographic itinerary even before we leave. Remembering my last holiday in Mykonos, here I want to suggest you some of the most beautiful places to photograph during your stay, absolutely not to be missed if you want to make your friends jealous and increase your likes!

The mills of Kato Milli

I’ll start by telling you about the undisputed symbol of Mykonos, the five windmills of Kato Milli. Built in the 16th century, the mills played a fundamental role in the economy of the area thanks to the activity of the strong winds. With the increase in tourism they have been repainted and renovated and today they represent the icon of the island, the ideal place for the classic souvenir photo. Located at the south of the island, you can’t help but climb up there on the hill overlooking the sea, where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the city. Undoubtedly one of the most famous “instagrammable” places, ideal for seeing some of the most beautiful sunsets.

Old town of Mykonos

Get lost in the narrow streets of the centre, where every corner is worth a shot…the distinctive Cycladic architecture made up of white houses, blue windows and portals, flowered balconies are the perfect backdrop for your souvenir photo. The old town takes on two sides during the high season…in the morning, enjoy your stroll through the souvenir shops and don’t forget to buy the famous amulet, the Greek Eye (or Allah’s), or stop at one of the many bars and restaurants for a gyros snack. In the evening everything changes, especially in August, crowds of tourists invade the centre and taking a picture will be really an impossible task. That’s why, if you really want to have all the space toy yourself, getting unique shots, I recommend you choose the early hours of the morning.

Little Venice

As the name suggests, it is compared to the Italian city of Venice, just because like the latter it is bordered by its promenade full of bistros, cafes, colourful houses. One of the most characteristic and touristic areas of Mykonos, although it is considered one of the most expensive areas of the island, you can’t help but immortalise your moment as you have an aperitif by the sea.

Bus with graffiti from Paradise beach

Among the most famous beaches in Mykonos, you’ve probably heard of Paradise Beach. A popular place not only for its fantastic sea but, above all, for its parties and aperitifs. In fact, here the music is always loud and that is why it is loved especially by young people who go there to party and drink until dawn. Along the way, just before reaching Paradise Beach, you’ll find a colourful old abandoned bus covered in graffiti. Whether it is there by chance or left deliberately, it is the singular protagonist in the background of this wonderful beach.

Church of Panagia Paraportiani

Don’t forget to stop at the Paraportian Church… not far from Little Venice, it is one of the 600 churches scattered on the island of Mykonos and is the result of the merger of four small churches built next to each other. Many tourists come here every day to visit it; unfortunately almost always closed, you will have to be happy to look at it from the outside…and for lovers of photography, this is one of the absolute places not to be missed, capturing the magnificent sunset of Mykonos where the white limestone of the building will further enhance its colours.

#Happiness shop

While strolling through the quaint little streets near Little Venice, you can’t help but look for the Happiness Store, one of the most instagrammable places in Mykonos. Although it was born as a simple clothing store, it has become a real photo spot. After all, already from the #Happiness sign, it’s easy to see why… who wouldn’t want to take a photo if not in front of a sign that evokes the feeling you feel on this fantastic island… Besides, like many other points in the city centre, to get a great result of your shot, it is advisable to reach the store before the opening of the shops, when the city is still sleeping.

180° Sunset Bar

Finally, among the places I have suggested so far, there’s the 180° Sunset Bar. Last but not least, in fact, going there could be a good way to end your day on the island. If a person could fall in love with a place, surely Mykonos would be one of them… As I mentioned earlier, the island is the ideal place to admire the moment of sunset. Whether from the panoramic points or from the centre, you can’t miss out on c crazy photos, especially in this dream location and one of the most popular. Located in the centre of Mykonos, the 180° Sunset Bar is a real corner dedicated to relaxation. Perched on a hill overlooking the city, the windmills and the harbour, if you want to enjoy the show, it will be easy to reach on me, it will be really worth it! Bring your camera or your smartphone to take your most beautiful photos at sunset, there on the terrace you will also find a swing perfect for a photo shoot.

It would be impossible to list all the wonderful places that Mykonos Island has to offer… that’s why, based on my personal experience and especially my tastes, I chose to select for you some of the best locations. And, who knows, maybe, on your return from your holiday in Greece you can also confirm what I said…

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