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Are you planning a trip out of town?… Do you love relaxation, nature and silence? Well, Ischia is the island for you! Thanks to the many connections from Naples, Sorrento and Pozzuoli you can reach it easily and quickly. During your day in Ischia, since you will not have time to do everything, I want to give you a few but useful tips to better organise your time on the island that best lends itself to the wellbeing of body and mind. Ischia is the largest and the most developed of the islands of the Gulf of Naples, which has been given the definition of "Green Island" for the rich presence of tufa stone, although caracterised by abudant vegetation. A fascinating mosaic of vast spas and picturesque towns...

Ischia and its thermal parks

Ischia is the largest and most developed of the islands of the Gulf of Naples, which has been given the definition of Green Island for the rich presence of tufa stone, although characterised by abundant vegetation. A fascinating mosaic of vast spas, lush gardens, buried necropolises and spectacular landscapes of forests, vineyards and picturesque towns.

Unlike Capri and Procida, Ischia is not possible to visit in one day, but if you don’t have much time and you decide to make a quick trip, well, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Particularly chaotic during the summer season, it is advisable to visit it in the months of May and June, thinking of organising your program by spending the day in one of its thermal parks, going around the island (whether by sea or by land), visiting the Aragonese Castle, the village of Sant’Angelo… Its volcanic origins have made the island one of the most attractive spa destinations; in some places there are fumaroles, craters and in others there are hot springs. Wherever you go, you’ll find a spot where nature gives all its innumerable benefits. From Parco Negombo to the Gardens of Poseidon, without forgetting the Parco Termale Castiglione, the Terme of Cavascura and the Thermal Gardens Aphrodite Apollon. The thermal parks contain the best of Ischia: its beneficial waters, its vegetation and the sea.

Spa Park Castiglione

One of my favourite is the Spa Park Castiglione, completely surrounded by greenery; characteristic is the access to it by a funicular. The park is open from April to the end of October and is the only spa park on the island that has a 4-star hotel and other apartments, all very comfortable and elegant. If you are planning to spend a single day, buying an entrance ticket of around €28,00, you will be able to access without any problems. In close contact with nature enjoy your wonderful experience of Ischia in the name of wellness and relaxation in the Thermal Park Castiglione. In addition to the pleasure of diving in the thermal water pools (30 to 40 degrees), there is a wide range of treatments and thermal and aesthetic packages, ranging from massages and various treatments. Relax on the terrace for a lunch break and before leaving, take advantage of its private beach for a final dip.

Poseidon Gardens

To complete the thermal offer present on the island are above all the Poseidon Gardens, the largest and most famous of Ischia. Millions of visitors enjoy the benefits of the thermal waters of this immense structure. There are 20 swimming pools overlooking the beautiful Bay of Citara, including 3 seawater pools, a steam grotto, an area where you can alternate cold and hot baths (a panacea for the circulation) and an area dedicated to the legs and targeted vascular exercises. With its wide range of services, at a cost of € 33 (July and August € 35,00), the park of the Poseidon Gardens will allow you to relax on the long stretch of private beach, touched by its crystal clear waters, or even in its spa centre. Finally, during the break between treatments, enjoy the gastronomic products in the refreshment areas inside. A real natural oasis, characterised by gardens and terraces, all taken care of in the smallest detail.

Bay of Sorgeto

After mentioning some of the most important thermal parks of Ischia, you should know that in addition to paying ones, the island boasts some of the best free spas in Italy, open in any season of the year and at any time of day or night, such as the Bay of Sorgeto. Accessible both by sea and by land, it is a natural cove in which its pleasant warm waters create real natural pools. In addition, thanks to the presence of tufaceous rocks you can use mud, perhaps for a natural facial cleansing.

In short, experience all the best of Green Island, a must-see destination for those looking for relaxation, care and wellbeing in the frame of beautiful natural landscapes. As already mentioned, Ischia deserves at least 3-4 days for a full visit. If you’re in the mood for a quick escape to the nearby Procida, you can think of taking part in one of our tours starting from Sorrento, something different from the usual and above all the quickest and most comfortable way to enjoy the beauty of the two most popular Flegree Islands.

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