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On the shores of the Adriatic Sea we find the elegant Split, the second largest city in Croatia. Thanks to the beauty of its historical sites and beyond, every year it attracts a large number of visitors who choose it as a destination for their holidays. Split is, in fact, one of those cities that will allow you to go from history and culture to nightlife and to discover its beauty thanks to organised excursions.

Split has the appeal not only of a city but even more of a seaside resort… so let’s focus on super organised boat tours. If you decide to visit the Dalmatian coast in all its splendour and especially in complete relaxation, there is no better way than on board a comfortable sailboat. In my article you can consult the most popular itineraries departing from the port of Split.

Discover Split by boat

Due to its location Split is an ideal base for exploring both central and southern Dalmatia. Local tour operators organise many excursions and day trips, but here are some of the best boat tours to the Blue Cave on the island of Biševo and to the Golden Horn Beach (or “Zlatni Rat” in Croatian) on the island of Brač.

Boat tour to the Blue Grotto and 5 islands from Split and Brač

Just as the island of Capri boasts its prestigious Blue Grotto, so does the Dalmatian coast. The boat trip to the Blue Caveand 5 islands from Split will allow you to visit all the landmarks, the really unmissable ones, along the coast: you can enter the famous Blue Cave, visit the fishing village of Komiža, swim in the waters of the Blue Lagoon, explore Hvar, Vis and more. Depending on your accommodation you can choose the port of departure: in fact, at the time of booking you can choose whether to depart from Split or Brač.

  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Price: starting from € 100

Boat tour to Blue Lagoon and Trogir from Split - Tour half-day

If you have little time left, continue your visit by taking advantage of the half-day tours. Although shorter in duration, this tour will allow you to get away from the chaos of the city for a while and breathe nature from a different point of view. With a duration of about 5 hours, during the boat tour you will have the opportunity to reach the Blue Lagoon for a refreshing dive and snorkel in its clear waters. Afterwards, the itinerary will also include a stop at the charming town of Trogir, a real medieval jewel enclosed within the walls on a small islet connected to the mainland, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Enjoy the beauty of its streets during your hour of rest on the ground. Finally, once back on board, the tour will end again in Split, passing under the bridge of Trogir.

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Price: starting from € 60

blue lagoon Croatia

Aerial view of cozy mediterranean island. Blue lagoon, island paradise. Adriatic Sea of Croatia, popular touristic destination. Clear sea water.

Boat tour to the Golden Horn Beach, Hear and Pakleni islands from Split or Brač

Another interesting experience that will allow you to explore one of the most famous beaches in Europe, the Golden Horn Beach (or “Zlatni Rat” in Croatian) . With the guidance of a trained staff, enjoy the beauty of the city of Hvar and continue on to the beautiful Pakleni Islands, a group of twenty islands located in the archipelago of Hvar where untouched nature reigns unchallenged. Some of these islands are uninhabited, others like Palmižana have the right facilities to welcome visitors. The island of Palmižana is the most famous of the beaches and is characterised by sand and gravel just under a pine forest which makes it really fascinating.

  • Duration: 9 hours
  • Price: starting from € 69

Did you know that…

The beach of Zlatni Rat owes its name to its peculiar pointed shape, characterised by beautiful coarse white sand and pebbles. Identified as one of the most unique places in Croatia, it stretches for about 300 meters along the southern coast of the island of Brač. However, its shape changes along with the changing tides and currents and also along with the wind that here blows constantly, so much so that it has become a favourite destination for surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfer. The Croatian Golden Horn beach is surrounded by a pine forest in which you can find the remains of a Roman villa with its swimming pool. Enjoying the beauty of this place, with its crystal clear waters, is hard because this stretch of land is often crowded with tourists, b ut with a boat tour of the Golden Horn you can enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe from a privileged location.

In addition, for all the above mentioned tours, there are stops for swimming and snorkelling at points clearly indicated by the on-board staff. You will also have the opportunity to visit some of the towns on the individual itineraries thanks to a few hours of free time.

After discovering the Dalmatian coast by sea, if you want to stay in the city, there are many opportunities for recreation and relaxation, with attractions suitable for all ages, spas, sport facilities and shops that you will surely appreciate.

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